annoying crap at the lunch table (rant)

well usually everyday I endure ridicule and annoyance from my friends about how I eat or how much I eat,But quite frankly I don’t eat a lot at school because one the food at my school is shit two im never in the mood for the food I bring because Im sick of eating the same thing everyday. some kind of sandwich to be exact.well any way today one of my lesser friends, i’m not going to give names yet again made a comment on me “being to skinny.” She said “the reason you’re sick is because you don’t eat enough!”I have one thing to say.. Bull shit you don’t know my eating habits so don’t tell be when you don’t even fucking know.ok? Also Its not my fault I didn’t choose to be skinny I have a fast metabolism I can’t control that in anyway shape or form.

And besides I eat more when I get home because there is more options available to me. And one of my other friends said “Go home, eat that then come back!” Everyone was laughing at me.IM SICK OF THIS!!!!

“Oh shes to skinny”

“You don’t eat enough”

You eat like my grandma.And shes Dead!”

“you’re Unhealthy”


well you know what you can take all that crap you say about me and Shove it!

I can not be true to the bieber fever

I’ve liked justin bieber since spring break of freshman year I was crazy about him and his music, Until I got my dear boyfriend at the end of sophmore year. I gave up on Justin Bieber to make him happy. And I really believed I didn’t like him anymore until his 2 latest videos came out they rekindled the flame of my past obbsession,but I have to keep it hidden or else my friends and boyfriend will give me shit for it

I <3 Elvis

Ever year around the time of the anniversary of Elvis’ death I begin to miss him even though im only 18 I still look up to Elvis as a great entertainer. I wish I could have been there to see him during his prime 🙂

My summer Break is coming to an end… and senior year is beginning

It is August 1st and it is less than a month away until school starts, I can’t believe it that in less than a month I will indeed be a senior in high school. It feels like just yesterday I was walking the halls for the first time my freshmen year… man how time flies. Everything is just going by so fast I wish I could go back in time just for a little bit so I can enjoy and appreciate life in high school just a little longer but sadly that isn’t possible.